Winning Poems

The 2020 Mighty Noses
We are delighted to share the winning poems from this year's Mighty Nose Awards. These poems impressed the judges with their originality, lively depiction of smells, and quality of writing. Our 2019 judges were Nicky Cox MBE First News Editor, Richard. E. Grant Actor and Robert Starling Author and the winning poems are:
Years 3 and 4
WINNER: Moriah Thomas
RUNNER UP: Tamalia Longley – Boahen
Years 5 and 6
WINNER: Enyinnaya Ogbobie
RUNNER UP: Theadora O'Sullivan

Congratulations to the winners and to their schools. Here are the winning poems for you to enjoy:

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I am a smell, a pleasant smell, can you guess what I am? They say I am a rose. The Mister Lincoln Rose, perhaps the most delieightful red rose of them all.
My nose neither perked nor broad lives on my face where it hoards. A complimentry feature that takes a hold it proudly changes shape and takes a hold. The peculiar smell from the acid rain to the offensive smell of the rubbish terrain.
I travel via plane to the sub sahara Africa where I step onto the plains. The smell of the musty hot air leaves my soul out there. Oh Smell!
The smell of herbs and spices sprinkled over the different types of rice Rough rice, Whala rcie, sen sen rice and ground rice all fragrant and rare. The herbal teas and mint leaves tease me... Oh please!
Back at home in my room where I rest, Mummy opened the window leaving the smell of freshly cut grass to come in and nest, Oh the smell!
 Moriah Thomas
Old Palace of John Whitgift School




O, how much I love thee,

You always make me glad,

They say its whats inside that counts,

Your hearts chocolate or jam.

Dad always brings you home on a Monday

To help us make it through,

Im yet to meet a person

Who says they don't like you!

You live in many places, but you are always round at Gregg's,

and I hate it when they tell me that you've already left.

Sometimes I take you home with mates

or sometimes by yourself.

And even when they sprinkle icing,

it's my heart that you melt.

 Enyinnaya Ogbobie
Old Palace of John Whitgift School