Winning Poems

The 2019 Mighty Noses
We are delighted to share the winning poems from this year's inaugural Mighty Nose Awards. These poems impressed the judges with their originality, lively depiction of smells, and quality of writing. Our 2019 judges were Nicky Cox MBE First News Editor, Richard. E. Grant Actor, Robert Starling Author and Primary School Teacher & Keilly Swift Author and the winning poems are:
Years 3 and 4
WINNER: Imogen Mitchell 
RUNNER UP: Florence Reed 
Years 5 and 6
WINNER: Grace Talbot
RUNNER UP: Avi Patel 
BEST CLASS: St Davids School Year 4

Congratulations to the winners and to their schools. Here are the winning poems for you to enjoy:

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I can smell…


I can smell you

You can smell me

We can smell other things

What may that be?


The musty smell of my dog when she returns from the park

The smoky scent of a matchstick after its last spark

The fragrant smell of polish after mum’s cleaned the house

The smug whiff of my cat after she caught a mouse


The pungent odour of the bin van when it drives down our street

The cheesy aroma of my teenage cousin’s feet

The fruity fragrance of my grandma’s perfume

The sweet scent of roses when they’re in full bloom


The magnificent scent of bacon sizzling in the pan

The fishy smell of dinner fresh from Japan

The types of aroma can be heaven or hell

Which one will be your favourite smell?

Imogen Mitchell 
St Davids School
Year 4



My Nose
My nose is a special part of me
I never thought that it would be
It helps me smell all day long
Some are nice and some are strong
In the morning I smell daddy’s coffee
But I prefer the smell of toffee
Mummy’s perfume goes right up my nose
But I don’t mind because it smells like a rose
Nanny has quite smelly feet
They are even worse in the heat
Grandad loves stinky blue cheese
I would rather eat a bucket full of peas!
My uncle eats such horrible fish
Sometimes he even licks the dish!
Then I can’t bear to smell his breath
It may cause me instant death!
Chocolate, mint and freshly washed clothes
Those are the smells I love up my nose
Imagine a world where everything smelt the same
That would be a terrible shame!
Grace Talbot
Kingsley Prepartory School
Year 5